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Not a great photo but this shows a typical a-arm from the
Chrysler cars of the 80's. Blue arrow is the front part of the
a-arm with the normal swivel bushing. Red arrow shows the
rear part of the a-arm, it has a strut rod type of bushing.
The way to get stronger arms like these on your car is to
get some off of a early Dodge/Plymouth mini van, they used
the same arm but they had a reinforcement added.
In 1989 Chrysler started using cast arms (see below) on
their front ends. But only on the large cars. On the other
cars they still used the stamped arms but changed the rear
bushing from a strut rod style to a swivel bushing style.
They did this for only 1-1/2 years. Most cars that have this
style are made in 1989 and1990.
In late1990 most of Chryslers lineup had these cast steel control
arms on the front ends. They are stronger than the stamped
arms and weigh about one pound more.
How to add front control arm bushings on 1989-90 cars.
How to: Rebuilding Your Front Suspension,
Mopar FWD, 1984-1989 (stamped arms)
In my opinion, polyurethane really helps the front end on these control arms.

Energy Suspension brand makes poly for the early stamped "strut rod" style control arms.

Polyurethane bushings have not been
available for the 1-1/2 years Mopar made the stamped/swivel a-arms.
PolyBushings is now making poly
replacement bushing for these arms.

Polyurethane bushings are available
for the cast arms.

To see both style of bushings,
click here.

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