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Polyurethane Bushings
and the "correct" Bushing Lube

$4 each
2 for $7

Plus shipping

POLYURETHANE bushings NEED to be lubed!

Polyurethane can be noisy if done WRONG.

WRONG #1 You cannot blend anything into Polyurethane.
Not even Graphite!
Nothing like this works because the family of Urethane
plastic does not like impurities.
(the word Polyurethane means blends of different Urethane plastics)

Graphite does not work for a couple reasons. If you put just a little in
the Urethane then the graphite is fully encapsulated by the Urethane
and the Graphite never touches the metal sway bar or a-arm shaft.
If you add a lot, then the Polyurethane falls apart because
it does not stick to the graphite (remember, graphite is a slippery lubricant).
You might as well throw handful of dirt into it.

Wrong #2 You cannot put in a grease zirk and tell people to grease it.
Polyurethane must have the right lubricant to make it quiet.
There are some lube greases that are bad for Polyurethane.
So there are all these greasable bushings caked up with the
wrong grease and the Polyurethane bushings are still Noisy.

The correct lube is sent by with every kit that needs lube.
It works, it's green, it's sticky...and need be applied only at installation.

Wrong #3 You cannot cost reduce your Polyurethane products and
expect a long and quiet life. Polyurethane is like anything else
important to you. It comes in many different grades. Polyurethane
can be designed and tempered a lot like steel.. If you design it to cure too
quickly it becomes harder. Harder Polyurethane is Noisier. Shorter molding
time means less cost. So between the correct chemistry and mold design,
it costs just a little more to do it right. But it sure pays off.

Polyurethane needs to be lubed, so we send the "Poly Lube" with
every kit. And we always endeavor to supply the best value for your money.
Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at