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Your FWD Mopar
Front Control Arms
(1984 to 1988)

Your first step is safety!
Block the car at the rear tires
and put the front on jack stands
so you can take the tires off.
Taking the axle nuts off now will
make the job easier.You will be
able to swing the hub/strut away
from the a-arm.
See fig.1
Disconnect the swaybar ends
so that it can swing down out
of the way. Now might be a
good time to upgrade to a
larger swaybar.
See fig.2
Loosen the caliper bolts and
remove the lower one. This
is so that you can remove the
bolt that holds the hub to the
ball joint.
See fig.3
Remove the bolt that holds
the ball joint to the hub.
This will allow you to pull
down on the a-arm, pulling
it away from the hub.
See fig.4
Remove the bolt that holds
the front part of the a-arm
to the k-frame.
See fig.5

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