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Polyurethane Front Control Arm Bushings
for Front Wheel Drive Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth
cars of 1989 and some 1990. Those that are NOT cast
and DO have duel swivel bushings, not strut rod style
like the earlier FWD Mopar cars of the 80's.
Set includes all bushings, sleeves and bolts
for both a-arms!
Part number PB1020 Price $79 Kit
Which a-arms do you have on your FWD Mopar?
To see the difference, click here.
You’ll need to jack up your car,
you can’t use drive up ramps for
this job.
Both front tires/wheels need to
be removed. Loosen those lug nuts.
Use jack stands for safety.
Put jack stands under frame rails.
Remove the wheels.
Release the anti-sway bar from the
a-arms on both sides of the car. You
can leave the center bushings tight.
Swing it down out of the way.
Remove the bolt that holds the ball joint
to the hub/spindle. (arrow) It takes a
wrench and a socket... 15mm on one side
and 18mm on the other.
Swing down the a-arm.
Use your foot and push down on the a-arm or
use a tool like shown in the photo.
Because the strut/hub assembly will swing away
from the a-arm, pulling the axle with it, the axle
will tend to come out of the tranny, so get ready
to have oil come out of the tranny when you do
this, spilling tranny oil.
Suggest a catch pan.
To swing down the a-arm I use this tool.
Easy to make from a large pry bar and
hardware store parts.
It is just two truck bed hooks bolted
together with two bolts. I used two nuts
so I could lock them to the correct spacing
but nylock type nuts could be used.
Remove the a-arm bolts.
There are two, in front of the a-arm and
a rear a-arm bolt.

You’ll need 18mm wrenches
or socket for these.
After removing the two bolts (per side) remove
the a-arm from the car. You may just be able to
pull it out or you may need to use a small pry
bar between the a-arm and the k-frame.
Contact Johnny at (503) 869-6156 or e-mail at