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1986 Shelby GLHS Omni #289
This was the 350th one built out of 500 made.

Every year or two I take the time
to change the "decor' on the car.
it is just vinyl so it goes on and
comes off easy.
This is a few years ago.

The wheels are Revolutions and
measure15x8 in front and 15x7
in back. I have since sold the 8"
and use four of the Revolutions
on my silver turbo wagon. I now
race with 13" wheels to get the
car lower.
This shows the strut brace that I
made. The green arrow shows the
aluminum mounts for the brace.
The blueish arrow shows the steel
brace. Made of steel because
aluminum will flex. Don't want flex!

Red arrow is showing I run a 1st gen
throttle body and a HKS compression
blow off valve.
This is under the car. The red arrow is
the anti-sway bar. I use a endlink style
made by Quickor Suspension when I
worked there. I use 1-1/8" in front and
a 1" in the rear.

Pink arrow is my k-frame brace.
Blueish arrow is where my k-frame
brace bolts up to the front of the
I used Mopar Performance autocross
springs.....with 1-1/2 coils cut off.
The short autocross springs need held
onto the strut. This is how it was done.

Now "coilovers" have been installed,
check them out!



Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at