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Adding Koni coil-overs to the front of a
FWD Mopar

This a typical strut on the front of a
FWD Mopar.
This is a coil-over style strut.
This shows the pieces before assembly.
Make sure you use a bump stop, shown
by red arrow.
Spring slides over strut.
Then "hat"/ spring top, goes
on next.
I reused my good, stock tops.
This sets right on top of the
"hat"/spring top.

The part that goes bad on the top,
would be the bearing in the center.

Next step is add the nut.
Be carefull of the top of the strut
were the adjustment is, it can be
damaged easily.

The nut will be hard to tighten, as
the shaft of the strut wants to turn
with the nut, that's okay, tighten as
much as it will let you. Install the
strut and after you set the car down
on the wheel/tire, try tighening it again.
It should tighten then.

I used an air gun to shock the
nut down in steps.