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Adding Koni coil-overs to the rear of a
FWD Mopar L-Body.

This compares the new coil-over with
the stock strut/shock.
Showing adjusting sleeve and spring perch
on the rear coil-over strut. The red
arrow shows which part is down.
It fits over the snap ring on the body
of the strut.
Bump stops were not supplied with
my rear coil-overs. Maybe they are not
needed but I added my own, just in case.
This shows the whole strut before
adding pieces, like the spring.
Just showing how the "hat"/top
goes on top of the spring.
Spring slides over strut.
Then the "hat"/ spring top, goes
on next.
Then the stock factory
rubber donut-like thing. There
is a sleeve inside this donut-like
rubber piece
(shown by blue arrow).
Then a nut goes on.
Tighten the nut and install
strut into car.
Place strut into position.
Add the bolt that holds it to the axle.

Red arrow shows end-link style anti-sway
Blue arrow shows the anti-sway bar's
This is the top of the strut, looking from
inside the hatch area, after it has been placed
into position.
Add the other rubber-like donut
and then the large metal washer.
Then install the locking nut (not shown)
and you are ready to adjust ride height.