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How to add polyurethane
rear spring-eye bushings
These instructions show a rear spring from a
FWD Rampage, but it relates to most any rear
spring bushing change.
Safely support the rear of vehicle using
jack stands. Place a hydraulic jack under
rear axle.
Remove the bolts from the front of the
springs. Let the jack down so both front
springs lower away from the car/truck.
Remove the rubber and sleeve from the
front spring eye. I wasn't sure if the sleeve
needed to come out so I heated the rubber
first and took that out. I then decided that
the sleeve needed to come out so I used a
cold chisel and hammer to get the sleeve out.

Removing the whole spring and pressing it
out would have been nice, but I didn't want
to remove the axle, brake lines, etc.

This photo shows the rubber and sleeve

Clean up the inside of the spring. Then install
the polyurethane bushings. No lube is needed
to install them into the spring, but a little
might make them push in easier.
There are 4 "halves", two for each spring
front. Install all four.
Just showing how a little tap will help install
the bushings. You could also us a clamp
or very large channel lock pliers.

Now the next step is to install the inner
sleeve into the bushings.

Installing the sleeve into the bushing.

FIRST add the green PolyLube onto
the sleeve and into bushing.
Best to use latex gloves and get alot
of it in there.
You are almost ready to bolt the front
of the springs back onto the car. First
add lube to the sides. Also I add a little
to the bolt so it is lubed inside the sleeve.
This stops rust, too.
Jack the axle up so the spring goes into
Add your bolts and tighten both sides.

I'd use thread locker on the threads.

CAUTION: Look your bolts over. If
they are rusty, replace as necessary.

Next is the rear shackle bushings.

These will be much easier. Take the top and
lower nuts off. Then slide the shacke out of
the spring. This shows how the bolts are
connected to the shackles. You may need
to use a pry bar.
Remove the shackles from the springs and
Toss the old rubber bushings and clean up
the shackles.
Add the polyurethane bushings. There are
8 poly bushing halves. Half of these are for the
spring and the other half, is for the frame.
They will press in by hand. A little green
PolyLube will be ok to use.
Here are the bushings installed into the
spring. Add the bushing halves also to the
frame and you are ready to jack up the axle
to position the spring into place.

Add the green PolyLube to the outside edges
of the polybushings.

Add PolyLube to the shackle bolts and
intall them into the springs and frame.
Add the other shackle and nuts. I'd use
thread locker on the threads.

Look it all over to make sure everything is
correct and all hardware it tight.

Lower car off of jack stands.

Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at