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Steel U-Bracket for Bobble Strut

Need a bracket to weld on to your k-frame?
Converting an L-body car to a 555 or 523
transaxle? Want to add a newer style k-frame
into your 80's car, but only find good
automatic car k-frames in the wrecking yards?
This bracket could be your answer.
Just position and weld. The stock style shock
or the PolyBushing bobble strut can now be bolted
right on.
DISCLAIMER: I have made this bracket available
but the k-frame you weld it to may not be strong
enough without extra support or plating.
$14 Each plus $98 shipping, Part number PB1010
Strut not included, shown for example only, sold separately.
Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at