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I got interested in SCCA Solo2 autocross
in 1989. I had a 1986 GLH Turbo. I thought
I would be fast but I was wrong. Car was not
set up and I sure did not know how to drive.
While there I met Mike Mullilin, he had (still has)
a 1984 GLH non-turbo. He was beating my times
by "many" seconds. I asked him if I could take a
ride with him to see what I was doing wrong. He
took me for an eye opening experience.

Fast forward to 2004 season. He had been improving
the car so that it was becoming very fast. But I suggested
to him, the car needs to be lower. After this day he
believed me. This photo shows how well the car was gripping.
No it did not go over...and this was taken on the way down!
He is now making it into a F Prepared car, tube frame and all.
The real issue is that the roll centers are hosed on these cars.
The 450-500lb springs that Mike runs along with the 10" wide
wheels with race slicks can and will lead to traction

Building it up as a tubeframe car will allow him to fix the roll
centers. He is doing that now! No struts, using dual a-arms.
Click on the photo
to see it larger.
Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at