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Polyurethane Engine Cradle Mounts
The engine cradle is the front k-frame.
These replace the factory rubber or poly-foam
mounts that the LH cars came with originally.

We used 60d poly, which is soft enough to keep
vibration down but strong enough to improve
These mounts will last many more years than the
factory poly-foam ones. These DO NOT include
the steel parts, you will need to re-use the factory
metal parts.

Fits all 1st generation from 1993 to 1997.

Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler Concorde, LHS,
and Eagle Vision.

Kit part number PB1052

Price $139
plus Shipping ($16)

Kit includes four upper and four lower poly mounts.
The blue mounts in the photos below are the PolyBushings mounts, the yellow ones are the poly-foam mounts from the dealer.
Upper and lower shown.
Again, steel parts are not included in this kit, you
will re-use your factory steel parts.

 These are what the metal parts look
like that hold all of the mounts together,
after the old mounting rubber/poly was
taken off. If you get into your project
replacing your craddle mounts and find
the metal parts too rusty to re-use, I have
some available that I picked up at the
wrecking yard. These are solid used
parts, no rot, just a little surface rust
at most.

Go the the yard and get your own or
I have these available for $17 a set.
One set is as you see in the photo above.
You need a total of 4 sets to do one car.
The old rubber/poly has been removed
for you. Sweet deal!
NOT always in stock, please check first.


Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at glhs289@hotmail.com