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1986 Plymouth Reliant TURBO Wagon
You could NOT order this car from any dealer but....
this one was made. Turbo was NOT an option in
the Reliant, but this is a factory made car!! Very Rare!
This car is thought to have been a military ordered car.
I was told there were only 40 to 60 of these made.
Also, things added in the last couple years......
Revolution aluminum wheels
225-50-15 Kumo Ecsta 711 Tires
Tinted glass
More comfortable buckets from 93 Shadow ES
Center arm rest from 90 Spirit
Tilt steering from a 87 Daytona
Rebuilt transmission from 87 Turbo Z Daytona
Rear disc brakes and axle from a 89 Turbo Z Daytona
Front disc brakes from a 89 Turbo Z Daytona (11" rotors) anti-sway bars, 1-1/4" front, 1" rear. polyurethane bushings in the front
a-arms and rear axle to frame.
Engine mounts are soft, solid polyurethane mounts
Also, added ....
Front k-frame and cast a-arms from a 93 Spirit, along
with new ball joints and inner & outer tie rod ends.
Quick ratio (2-1/2 turns lock to lock) steering rack from
a V6 Shadow ES.
The car also received custom firmer 1-1/2" lowering
springs all the way around.
Firestone air bags were added to the rear coils.
Front struts are Koni adjustables, rear shocks
are KYB Gas-A-Just.
NOW added: 2.5 short block, goes so much better!

Photos below show other wheels I've had on the car.
The first photo shows PT Cruiser wheels and the
second photo shows wheels from a Shelby Lancer.
PT Cruiser wheels
Shelby Lancer wheels

This engine bay is mostly stock looking. It is a T-1 turbo 2.2.

Update: now a 2.5 short block from a 1989 turbo Caravan

Update: Newer engine going in, see below.

Autocross? Yes the autocross car was broken so the wagon went out to play. Did pretty well!
This is how the wagon looked when it was first found at a local muffler shop. Yes, it was ugly.

But what was with that hood?

It's in the shop for a re-do! A-arms are off, powder coated and new ball joints. And new polyurethane control arm bushings, of course.
K-frame off, cleaned and painted. Added a new steering rack also.
The new raffle engine is in the car. Along with a new HD trans and torque converter.

Won the 400hp engine in a raffle drawing.
Installed a new wire harness to work with this engine.

Here is the turbo and some of the plumbing.


Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at