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I wanted a hose hanger near my garage
and driveway so I could use the hose for
washing cars. But I wanted it the hanger
to have a "FWD Dodge" look.
First thing I did was weld an old
5 lug omni front hub onto some
square tubing, spacing it out enough
room to add a wheel. Then welded
that to a longer piece of square tubing
at a 90 degree angle. I then sank the
whole thing into concrete.
I was going to just use a GLH wheel
but realized that the wheel in the stock
shape would not give much room for

So I cut the face off with a circualr
saw just using an old wood cutting blade.

I then used my belt sander to smooth
the face of the cut area.
I used a piece of aluminum tubing
for the center. It is 6" ID.
I then traced a circle the same diameter
of the wheel onto a piece of flat aluminum
to use for the back side of the hose hanger.
Now that all three pieces were cut
and smoothed, it is time to weld them
First I put it together to see how
it would look.
Gives lots of room for hose.

I took all three pieces to have it
TIG welded.

Bolted it up to the hub and added
the hose.
Moved and took part of it with me. Left the part that was in the concrete. Modifying it a little. Needed a round, flat piece of steel for the back side. Cut it out with the bandsaw. Welded a threaded plug into the center. This is so I can srew the piece into the end of the pipe.
This time I welded an old hub to a round pipe. Welded a large washer that will be the backing plate. Welded a threaded couple in the end of the pipe.

Sank a 4"x6" post into the ground. Drilled a hole in the post and slid the piece I made through it.


Then primed the metal with red oxide primer.

The back side is held by a pin that goes through holes I drilled in the pipe.
Painted the metal parts black. The back side is for spare hose lengths.
All finished.
Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at