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Front, endlink style anti-sway bar for
FWD Mopars that have cast control arms.

Here is how it looks when completed so you
understand how it is to look when you are finished.

Photos taken from a 1994 Spirit k-frame installed on a
1986 Plymouth Relliant Turbo wagon.

You will need to install swaybar to the k-frame as
shown here. This is so you can measure where
the bar's end links will go and then mark and drill
the a-arms.
Make endtabs and weld to the end of your swaybar
OR grind the end of the bar so it is flat. Now drill
a hole for the end links. You will need end links
with the top grommet shorter than the other three.

OR just buy the correct bar from

Lube bar with the Poly Lube before installing it.
This is so it will not make noise. The bushings
are split, just lube the bar and wrap the bushings
around the lube
Attach to k-frame. This shows the stock style
k-frame bushings and mounting.
Tighten the factory bolts.
The next step is to swing the anti-sway bar
up into position so you can mark and drill
holes in a-arms.
Drill but do not drill up into the CV boot.
Here is where the best position is. (blue arrow.)

Red arrow shows the sway bar end.

Install endlinks from top down.
Short grommet on top.

Two grommets in-between the a-arm and
sway bar.

One more grommet below the sway bar.

Dont' forget the cup-washers at each end!

Tighten untill the grommets "just" will not turn.
You do not want to squish the grommets.

Here is how it should look when you get done.
Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at