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Rear Knuckle Bushing Kits fit these Models

1993 Seville, Eldorado, Allante
1994 Seville, Eldorado, Deville, Concours
1995 Seville, Eldorado, Deville, Concours
1996 Seville, Eldorado, Deville, Concours
1997 Seville, Eldorado, Deville, Concours
1998 Eldorado, Deville, Concours
1999 Eldorado, Deville, Concours
2000, 2001, 2002 Eldorado

Oldsmobile Aurora 1995-99 and 01-03
Pontiac Bonneville 00-05
Buick Lesabre 00-05
Buick Lucerne 06-08
Buick Park Avenue 97-05
Riviera Riviera 95-99

Cadillac Bushings for Rear Knuckle
This heavy duty, polyurethane bushing kit is a direct replacement
for the stock steel/rubber bushings. Fits in the same location, easy to install.
Just press out the old bushings, and push these in.

Photo shows one side (1/2 kit), which includes the two lower bushings and
the two upper bushings, and both inner steel sleeves.

ALSO includes the PolyLube.
Kit will include parts to do BOTH sides of the car.

Complete list of which cars this kit fits, see below, left.

Made in black now!

Priced at $99
per $9.00 shipping

This photo shows 1/2 kit,
all the parts to do one side
of the car.
This photo shows a worn
bushing still in the knuckle.
This photo shows the back
of the knuckle. Red arrows
show where the bushings
are located.
Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at