AC 3000 ME
This has got to be one of my very favorite cars.
In 1973 AC built the first AC 3000ME as an all new,
British built sports car featuring a tuned Ford V6 Essex
engine mounted in a mid-engine configuration. The
first production cars were not built until 1979. The car
offered Italian styling that was well received but the
engine just could not deliver the expected performance
that the car’s name and appearance suggested.
The last AC 3000ME was produced in 1984 after
building only about 82 cars.
A link to the 3000ME official site for more info

The only one ever made with a Mopar turbo engine!

This is the car I want...just need to earn or win the big bucks. It was in the Petersen
Car Museum and I did see an ad in AutoWeek for this car last year. I have been e-mailing
the owner and have found out he is asking $50,000.

1981 SHELBY AC 3000 ME

Believing that an affordable mid-engine car would sell well in the U.S., business partners
Steve Hitter and Barry Gale imported a British AC 3000 ME, which was to be fitted with
an American drivetrain to meet emissions standards. When General Motors delayed providing
an engine, Hitter arranged through Carroll Shelby, who was recently hired by Chrysler to
consult on a new line of performance cars, to obtain a turbocharged four-cylinder K-Car engine.
Although the car showed promise, Chrysler management declined to support the project and the
AC Shelby remained unique.

Collection of Steve Hitter

This was taken in the museum.
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