AC Shelby
These are photos I took February 23rd 2008
while visiting Steve Hitter at his
southern California home.

Some written history of this car is at this page.

As a AC Cobra was originally made from a AC Bristol, this AC is made from a AC3000ME.
It is a mid engine car powered by a Chrysler 2.2 engine. It is fuel injected and turbo charged.
In this photo you can see the "hood" open, in front of the windshield. In there you will find the fuel tank. The rear hood is were the egine is, over the rear wheels.
This is me standing next to the car to show how small it is. I got into it, I fit once inside, tight to get in to though. I used to have a Sunbeam Tiger, this AC seems to have a little more room than the Tiger.
You'll notice the nose is cracked in the middle, this happened during transport many years ago.
This is the brain child behind this mid-engine
AC Shelby, Steve Hitter (left). Read the "history" page to find out more on Steve.
The air flows through the radiator and up through these slots that are in front of the hood.
This car has had a number of engines in it while at the Shelby facility in California. It was used as a test bed for different engines Chrysler and Shelby worked on. While the partnership between Shelby and Chrysler was breaking up, Shelby's guys put the car back together so Steve Hitter could pick up the complete car, as he was still the owner.
I love these wheels. I do think the tires may have to many years on them. The car has stayed the same since the1980's.
The AC3000ME cars were all right hand drive cars. This AC Shelby has been converted to left hand drive.

This photo was given to me by Steve for this web site page. It was taken right after the car was finished.
This is another photo Steve gave me. In the photo is Mr.Shelby and Steve Hitter together. Along with the AC Shelby, AC Cobra and the Shelby Dodge Charger.

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