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Polyurethane and rubber transmission mount (driver's side)
for Front Wheel Drive Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth
cars. Fits all from 1991 to 1995.
See below for complete listing.
Transmission Mount

This is a stock style rubber mount that has had engine mount
grade polyurethane poured into the emty cavity. We used 60d
poly, which is soft enough to keep vibration down but
strong enough to improve performance. This mount will last
many years more than the all rubber ones because it will not
allow the rubber to flex or sag.

Part number PB2618 Price $43 plus Shipping ($14)

Lebaron 1990-1995 manual or automatic (except some convertibles)
TC by Maserati 1990-91
Town & Country 1990-1995 automatic 2WD or AWD
Caravan (some 1990) 1991-1995 manual or automatic
Daytona 1990-1993 manual or automatic

Shadow 1990-1994 manual or automatic

Spirit 1990-1995 manual or automatic
Acclaim 1990-1995 manual or automatic
Sundance 1990-1994 manual or automatic
Voyager (some 1990) 1991-1995 manual or automatic
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