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Polyurethane Heavy Duty Engine Mounts
For 1994-2001 (2002?)
Dodge Pickup with Cummins Diesel Engine

They are a solid polyurethane mount where the factory ones are rubber with gapped holes in them..
Some places sell just inserts that fit inside the stock rubber. These are not those, these are
a replacement for the whole rubber mount.
Fits Dodge pickups equipped with the Cummins engine.

The dealers sells mounts still, but they come with all the steel part also (see lower photo),
making them cost $250 and more each. You can take out the old rubber and replace with these
polyurethane mounts at a fraction of the cost of new dealer mounts.
YOUR CHOICE of softer street version or harder "race style" version.

Priced at ..$99 Each plus $16 shipping
(two mounts are $16 shipping total) to USA address


Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at