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Polyurethane Heavy Duty Engine Mounts
For 1967-1969 Pontiac Firebird (and others)

#2254 Now Available in 304 stainless with polyurethane isolation.
They are an internal locking mount where the factory have no safety lock.
Fits Pontiac Firebird 400 and others, see below.....

Priced at $196 Pair plus $16 shipping
(two pair is $16 total shipping)

Firebird 1967-69 with 400ci

Executive 1967-69 with 428 ci
Executive 1967-70 with 400ci
Executive 1970 with 455ci

Safari 1965 with 389ci or 421ci
Safari 1970 with 400ci

Bonneville 1970 400ci or 455ci
Bonneville 1968-69 400ci
Bonneville 1965-66 389ci
Bonneville 1965 with 421ci
Bonneville 1967-68-69 with 428ci

Catalina 1970 with 400ci or 455ci
Catalina 1969 with 400ci or 428ci
Catalina 1965-66 with 389ci or 421ci
Catalina 1967-68-69 with 400ci or 428ci

Tempest 1969 with 428ci

Ventura 1972-75 with 350ci

Grand Am 1973 with 350ci
Grand Am 1975 with 350ci

Grand Prix 1965-66 with 389ci
Grand Prix 1967-69 with 428ci

LeMans 1965 with 389ci
LeMans 1968-69 with 428ci

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