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Rear Spring Shackle Bushings
Mini Van 1984-2000
Polyurethane replacement bushings
Set includes shackle bushings, upper bushings,
and Poly bushing lube.


The first step is to jack up the rear of the
van and put the rear of the van on jack stands.
Do not place the stands under the axle.
You will need to place the stands so that the
rear axle can hang down, fully extended.

Next loosen the spring bracket bolts,
shown here with the green arrows.
Then loosen the shackle bushing nuts,
shown by the red arrows.

Look things over so you can remember
how to put things back together.

Tip: Take a photo before disassembly.

Pull the bracket down.
You may need to use a pry bar.

Work the shackle bolt out of the
spring eye bushings to remove
shackle and upper bracket from van.
and remove old bushings
from the bracket and from the spring.

This photo shows the old bushings removed
from the bracket (red arrow) and the new
polyurethane bushings (blue arrow) that
will be installed into the bracket.

Add two bushings to each spring. They
may be a little tight.

We used large pliers as a clamp to press
in the bushings. You can also just tap
them in with a hammer.
This photo shows the two bushings installed.
There are three bushings that are instsalled
into the bracket. Two are just like the ones
that went into the spring eye. The other one
installs into the middle of the bracket location,
between the two outer bushings. See photo
in step #4 above.
Now lube the two shackle bolts and where
the bushing touches the shackle with the
green PolyLube included with this kit.
Install the long shackle bolt into the bushings
that are in the bracket. As shown here.

Now install the shorter shakle bolt into the
spring eye bushings. They are installed with
the threaded part of the shackle bolts
facing the inside.

This shows the bracket and shackles in place.
Install the three bolts that attach the bracket
to the van. Do not tighten all the way yet.
Lube the shackle
as shown and install.
Install the two nuts that attach the shackle
to the spring and bracket.
both nuts and the three bolts
that attach the bracket to the van.
Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at