The building of the shop! back

This is the land as we bought it.
1-1/2 acres on one side of the dead end county road where the shop will go and 4 acres on the other side of the road where the home will go...on the hill.
There was a couple old sheds that we had to take down first. Had to clear out brush and blackberry vines.

We used the 4x4 to help pull down the old
buildings. We removed all the tar roofing
then had a big bonfire.

Then we had to make the land level.

You can see our home driveway in the background going up the hill.

Then I dug, by hand, the footings and added all the re-bar. Then set up the forms to get ready for concrete.

I hired a crew to pour the concrete.

The building was a complete kit.
It came to us on a 40 ft. flatbed truck.

...was the company I bought the building from.
Their web site shows a lot of different
photos and plans.

First thing to do is stand up and bolt down all the columns. I made a makeshift crane on the back of my truck and used a come-a-long to winch them into place. The columns bolt down to pre-placed in-concrete bolts. Then added the wood
girts to help keep things steady.

This is a photo of columns up and most all the girts placed and screwed into place.

Here they are all in place. Shows a view of the shop from my home driveway. Beautiful country valley!

See any neighbors?

Next is placing the top beams. I hired a sign shop company because they had the perfect crane for the job.

Then we used the scissor-lift we had rented to add all the 2"x12" wood purlins.

After the all the purlins were in place, we framed in the doors and window. Then we add the metal "skin" of the building.

Yes it rained most of the time we were building the shop.

Inside of the shop with much of the metal
siding attached.

Outside of the building complete. Started the
end of November and finished Dec. 27th.

4 foot wide "man" door and a 12'x12' car door.

Shop is 36 ft wide and 42 ft. deep.
With 16 ft tall at the eve.

I built a loft with three rooms below the loft.
The loft will be set up with shelves/storage for parts. The three rooms will be an office, engine building "clean" room and one will be storage for now.


Loft is 34 ft x 14 ft.

Stairs, railing and loft almost finished.
Then we did all the wiring for the electric.
Purchased a 40 ft container to use as storage. Keeps all the "stuff" out of the shop so I can work!
Weather finally warmed up so we could have poly foam insulation sprayed onto the ceiling of the shop.
This will not only insulate the shop but will stop all condensation. It also helps stop the noise from the rain and hail.
Electric is finished, inspected and approved. Now to finish the three rooms that are below the loft. Once that is done, shelving can be set up.

Found a used 2-post car lift for a great price.
Only took a couple days to install.
The loft is finished, except a couple windows
that will be added later. Three coats of poly
floor and deck paint should wear well.
Now to add shelving.
Looking up at the loft. Attached some
"decor" to the wall.
Started adding the shelving.
Another shot of the loft, just starting
to assemble shelves.
Another shot of the loft.
Another shot of the loft.
Old minivan seat makes a great chair.
Below the loft are three rooms.
On the far left will be the office,
through the door opening you see here.
Another shot inside the unfinished office.
The window on the right is only looking
into the "clean room", which is the center
room under the loft.
This will be the "clean room", the middle
room under the loft. Planning to be a place to
work on engines and other things that
you want to keep away from the open area
of the shop. The heavy duty steel table will
will be one work station and there will also
be a counter on three sides of the room with
metal tops.
The third room, to the far right under the loft, will be storage for now.
The west wall getting insulation
and OSB board.
West wall almost finished,
and ready to paint.
West wall painted.
This is the north wall where the doors are, getting insulation this year. Trying to get it ready to install a wood stove.