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I wanted a "good" tow hitch for my Omni.
I went to a few hitch businesses and all they had was
ones that bolt up to the bumper and the pan of the tire
well. I did NOT want to drill holes in my car and that
style was kind of ugly, so I designed and made one of
my own. Here is what I did.....
There are holes already in the bumper
that I used to bolt the rear most part of
the hitch to. You can't see it here but
I used a piece of flat bar, 2-1/2" by 15"
inside the bumper as a hugh washer,
sandwiching the bumper, for strength.
I used U-bolts to bolt the hitch to the
bumper supports. As you can see I
used a 2 inch square tube of steel for
the hitch cross piece. I had to angle the
ends a little to clear the bumper.
The steel square tube stretches from one side
of the bumper to the other. Then the hitch is
welded to it.
This shows the detail of how the U-bolt
holds the square tube of steel to the
bumper brackets.
From the out side. The hoops on the
lower side are for the safety chains.
The hole is for the electric outlet.

I have towed a 4 ft. square trailer with
this hitch, hauling 4 race tires, hydraulic jack,
a coolor with drinks and food, plus some tools.

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