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My own style oil pan made from and for a
Dodge 2.5 Common Block Engine. I took the
balance shafts off the engine. So I added a
couple baffles in the oil pan to control oil flow.

The welds are a little ruff but it is strong.
(I needed a new welder)


It will help control the oil
to hopefully keep it away
from the crank and keep it
near the pickup tube! The end
pieces are for oil control
during cornering.
The hinge will let the oil flow
toward the pickup tube but
not let it flow away from it.

It is a one way hinge.

The baffles on the ends was an
idea from one of the list club
members. The idea is when you
go around a corner, the
oil splashes against the end
of the pan and this baffle stops
the oil from splashing up to
the crank.

Sounded like a great idea!
A photo of the one way hinge.
I tested it with water, seems to work!
After adding it to the car, after an
autocross run, the engine no longer
"taps" like it did before the new
reworked pan.