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Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Shelby
Screen style oil pan made by Ed Peters.
An Oil Pan for Dodge 2.2 Engines, before
"common blocks" changed the pan shape.

These photos are from the one I got from
Ed a few months ago. He said it was his last one.
I just sold it and took these photos to share.
I have one just like it on my GLHS autocross car
and I can tell you it really works!


It has a one way style screen that lets the oil easily go through it going down but not let it suck back up to "cling" to the crank.
It included the pick-up tube.
This shows the "L" bracket and how the screen was attached to the "L" bracket.
It had a oil drain and a port for a oil temp gauge. The pan was also double thick on the bottom.