I wanted a rear air dam (skirt) for my CSX-VNT. I could not find one anywhere.
So I decided to make a few. I am making these available to others that need them.
Fits 1989 CSX-VNT

They are $395 each plus shipping.
ph. 541-266-0890

Original bumper with holes for
the Shelby rear skirt.
Original rear skirt is the yellowish one.
The black one is the fiberglass one I had
Side by side. The fiberglass one is a
perfect copy of the original. Both are
not perfect, as we made the fiberglass
one from the original that was not perfect.
In fact it is better than the original one.
We test fit it onto the car.
Bolts on perfect.
Just needs red paint!

Another view.

Original one had plastic studs.

The fiberglass one has metal studs.

So you can use the original clips to
hold it on, or nuts and washers.

The side view. It seems a little long,
or is it the other piece a little short?

I am not changing it, as it is a exact
copy of the original.

The "line" or "seam" can be sanded off,
it is just a mold seem.
Contact Johnny at (541) 266-0890 or e-mail at glhs289@hotmail.com