1992 Dodge 5.9 Intercooled Turbo Diesel
4x4 Club Cab 3/4 ton Pickup

It is an automatic, 4 wheel drive, club cab, cruise control,
electric windows and door locks. It had a bench seat which
I have changed to buckets of the same color.
Color is a greenish blue (blueish green?).
Front brush guard and running boards are
now off, I didn't like them.

These are the new wheels and tires.
The brush gaurd and running
boards are now off of the truck.
Changed the bench seat to buskets,
much more comfortable,
Went from stock exhauust to 4".
With this change only, it now goes
to 18 psi boost instead of 11 psi.
When we bought our first Alaskan!
Added an Alaskan Camper
and went to
Glacier National Park.
It raises...
It lowers!
Nice looking truck, camper AND Gal!


Even took it snow skiing on Mt.Hood. It was COLD!

Bought some land...Then we lived in it for 9 months until we got our house built.


Then we sold it!