1990 Caravan with 2.5 Turbo

This is the way it looked when I bought it. It was a project, did not run. It had a lot going for it, it just needed finished.
It was to be my company van so I changed the wheels and covered up the glass.
Also changed the Dodge grill out for a Chrysler grill.
The heart of the van, the "warmed up" 2.5 turbo engine.
Had to make it handle. So I added a 1-1/4 inch front, endlink style anti-sway bar.

And a 1-1/8th inch rear anti-sway bar.

Rebuilt the front and rear brakes.

Added new rear shocks.

Also replaced the rear spring shackle bushings with polyurethane bushings.

Things done to this van:
new tires
new white wheels
(the original wheels have studded tires on them for the winter)
New exhaust
Rebuilt tranny
engine rebuilt
rebuilt head
rebuilt garret turbo
braided turbo lines
Dodge Picckup Cummins Diesel intercooler

new fuel injectors harness

new 20% bigger injectors

billet fuel rail
adjustable fuel pressure regulator

performance computer

New rear brakes/drums
front 1-1/4” anti swaybar

rear 1-1/8” anti swaybar
Polyurethane spring shackle bushings
Covered the windows for that panel look

new timing belt, new water pump, gaskets,
nippo alternator,
braided hoses and fittings,
intercooler piping, etc.
Even added a tow hitch!